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Monday, December 20, 2010

Lisa needs Help

Who can help Lisa , unfortunately I don't have time to create for her. And listen to her songs on the site! It's fantastic.

"Lisa Sniderman, a compelling pop singer/songwriter, is seeking a digital collage artist to create commercial fair-inspired pieces for a March 2011 digital release, "affair with the muse," in a short turn around time. If interested and available, please contact:,"

update:Lisa has found a digital artist who agreed to work on the project!


  1. Wow Julia this is amazing.
    Wonderful collage. Awesome.

  2. Dear Julia,
    I, unfortunately, won't be able to help out Lisa, but I am sure she will find someone who will be more than happy to do designs for her! I do love your collage, however!

    Very most happy Christmas and New Years to you, Dear Julia!



  3. Thank you Julia, for posting this and for your muse and your collage-may you find time and spirit to be there for those who need you and still find joy in art and life each day-
    Aoede-muse of song