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Thursday, November 05, 2009

WOW !! Thanks Maria!

Summer 2008, Maria asked permission for using my Mexican Girl Doodle as background for a childrens theatre play and this morning I received the following email :

Dear Julia, after a lot of problems I finally can email you some pictures of your design in a theatre. I hope you like it. The play was "The Saint and the Pig" from Ariano Suassuna. I think, if you want, your local library have a copy in english, I do not know. But it is a comedy and everybody loves the picture. Thank you so much. We do not have written credits but we thanks you before the play begins. Thanks again.
Maria de Lourdes

Thank you so much Maria for sending me the pictures! I'm so very happy to have them:):)


  1. wat ontzettend gaaf zeg! super! gefelicteerd =)

  2. Nou ja zeg !! Daar mag je nog eens van GENIETEN en van naast je schoenen lopen voor één keertje :-)
    Wat 'n eer Julia !! Proficiat hoor.