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Monday, October 12, 2009

Numerology ....

....That's the challenge this week on "The Three Muses"   Here my entry .



  1. Schitterend, Julia! Past ook goed bij het thema van a.s. woensdag.

  2. :):) Ik heb zonet even gekeken Willy en hoe is het mogelijk, ik wist het niet en puur toeval dat ik nu die dames met hoog haar had gekozen.

  3. Beautiful work - wow such a stunning background and array of images- so glad I checked back to the challenge to see this lovely work of art!

  4. What a fun page, Julia. I think it would fit this week's challenge as well! Very clever. Thanks for playing along!

  5. I agree with Bev that this also qualifies for the next challenge which is HAIR - this is a wonderful page, full of good humour. It is so creative and unique. I love it.

  6. Yes ladies , thank you :) It was a coincidence I used the hair on this one !I didn't know from next weeks hair topic!Would you believe that !!:) I'd better saved this one for next week :)

    Thanks for your comments!!


  7. Love this !Again, great composition and use of colour!

  8. Your work is just amazing, Julia. I love looking at your creations

  9. Awesome!! Just truly amazing. I found your blog today, and will surly stop by again. Amazing work.

  10. Wow!!!
    Beautiful ;-) I love this colors!!

  11. Hi,

    I created quite a large list of people according to their numerological number.
    You can see the list here:

    I'm afraid that I'm not too familiar with numerology, beside the very computation.
    do you find these list useful?

    Are there other improvements you suggest that I'll add?

    What Was Done